Bibivi,  painter, Illustrator, & Graphic artist.

l was born in Barcelona. Currently, l live and work in Madrid.

I have liked to paint and draw since I was a child, and I love art, design and photography.

I studied different techniques such as Silk-screen printing, Lithography and Graphical design. For over 8 years I have been attending different Painting Studios, such as CREART, Isabel Gómez’s Study and the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, and Escuela de Arte La Palma, in Madrid.

My style is very influenced by artists like Warhol, Alez Katz, and pop culture, and other artists like Picasso.

I have exhibited in different art galleries in Spain (Madrid, Malaga, Toledo), and outside Spain, in Italy, (Tuscany), Holland and Hong Kong. I have also participated in art Trade Fair, such as ART FAIR DEARTE, HIBRID ART FAIR, and ART COLLECTION FAIR.

Most of my work is done with acrylic, mixed technologies, collages, watercolors, engravings and graphic programs. I combine manual and digital illustrations with graphic design and painting.

I also enjoy the world of vectorial and digital images, which I consider are a revolution in art design. My work is mostly centered on fashion, consumption society and woman.

Publicity, iconographic posters and Pop Art influence my versatile style.

I hope you enjoy my work.


I was selected to participate in the book “Ilustradores Españoles” Lunwerg 2013


I was Selected at the Residence “La Macina di San Cresci” in TUSCANY, Italy, for painting project about Tuscany. August 2017



Marbella Art Fair, Pilares Galery, in Málaga. Spain

Solo Exhibition, “Planeta B32” Pilares Galery, in Madrid.

Group exhibition with Eka Moor Galery, in Holland in the “Museum Galerie Rosmolen”.

Solo Exhibition, “Saturno” in Francisco Duayer Gallery. Madrid

ART COLLECTION FAIR, Pilares Gallery, Madrid.

Group exhibitions MALAKARTE Gallery, in Málaga, EKA& MOOR Gallery.


Solo exhibition “Broken Dreams” DOSDE ESPACIO. Madrid.

Solo exhibition the artist´s residence LA MACINA DI SAN CRESCI, in Tuscany, Italy.

Group exhibitions in GMV Gallery in Campiglia Maritima Italy, with EKA & MOOR Gallery.

Group exhibitions, “Post Art Week Hong Kong”, in the Gallery Eka & MOOR Art Gallery, in Madrid.


Group exhibitions “Mundos Encontrados” EKA & MOOR Art Madrid.

HIBRID ART FAIR , EKA & MOOR Art Gallery Madrid.


Group Exhibitions “ARTE OTRO” at the JOHNNY COOL ART GALLERY, Madrid

Solo Exhibition “Female, singular” Johnny Cool Art Gallery.

DEARTE ART FAIR, in the Palace of Neptune in Madrid


Solo Exhibition “Woman” Cultural Center Alfredo Kraus, in Madrid.

Solo Exhibition “All the faces” Sanchinarro Cultural Center, in Madrid.

Group exhibitions Gallery FEEDINGART “A window to Malasaña”, Madrid.


Solo Exhibition in PROMODELIA. Madrid

Solo Exhibition at POP UP CHIC in Madrid.

Solo Exhibition at Cultural Center Alfonso XII. El Pardo, Madrid.

Solo Exhibition “Fashion Illustration” at PROMODELIA SHOWR0OM, Madrid.


Solo Exhibitions “Kiwi Shoe Passion” with fashion designer Sara Navarro.

Solo Exhibitions “Beautiful Day” at Puerta America Hotel, Madrid.

Group Exhibitions in Panta Rhey, “Ilustradores Españoles” Lumberg editorial.

Group Exhibitions at SPAZIO Art Sale. Madrid


Solo Exhibitions “El mundo de ellas” at Sala COOLTURAL, Dormirdcine Hotel, in Madrid.

Group exhibitions in De La Flor Art Consultant. Madrid



Solo Exhibitions Galdos Cafe Madrid.

Solo Exhibitions “Ellas y sus Zapatos” at Le Garage, Madrid.

Group Exhibitions, at Fundación Ciec in Betanzos with the kind Collaboration of Circulo de Bellas Artes

Group Exhibitions “Mis zapatos” at Dormidcine Hotel Madrid


2010 Collective Exhibitions RA del Rey Gallery,  Madrid.

2009 Solo Exhibitions at La Cuca, Madrid.

2008 Group Exhibitions Isabel Gomez’s studio in La Caja de Guadalajara. Toledo.



2004-2007 Mixed technologies painting at Pablo Isidoro´s studio in CREART School of Painting.

2008-2009 Álvaro Alcázar de Velasco´s Oil Painting Course at Visual Arts TPN School in Madrid

2009 LA PALMA Art School in  Madrid.

2009-2011 Model drawing and Engraving at Círculo de Bellas Artes. Madrid

2010 “Hola Porque” Silkscreen Workshop in Madrid

2010-2012 assisted to Isabel Gomez´s Study, in Madrid

2010 Alfredo Piquer Garzon´s Lithography Course. Circulo de Bellas Artes. Madrid

2011 Digital Graphic Design Course at MSL in Madrid

2012 Fernando Vicente´s illustrator workshop in ABC THE ILLUSTRATION MUSEUM.

2013 (I worked with acrylic and collages) and I assisted to Leticia Zarza´s Study in Madrid.

2014 Workshop of Illustration in press, with Eva Vázquez in ABC The Illustration Museum. Arnal Ballester´s, illustrator workshop in ABC The Illustration Museum.